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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 5, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a warning tonight about the spread of hepatitis for customers at pharmacies at two target stores in the bay area. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. hundreds of bay area residents are receiving calls that their medicine may be contaminated with hepatitis a. the two stores are in hayward, and east 14th street in san leandro. amber lee is live now in san leandro, and tells me a pharmacist at those two stores contracted hepatitis, and may have spread it to his two
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customers. >> reporter: alameda county health officials are advising pharmacy officials are advising customers to see a doctor as soon as possible. john parker is among the hundreds of customers who may have been exposed to hepatitis a after filling his prescriptions at the target store in san leandro. >> two of them are blood pressure medicines. >> reporter: a pharmacy worker who is employed at both the san leandro store, and the target was infected with the virus. an infected person can contaminate items such as medicine or foods by touching it. prescriptions filled by that employee are at risk. customers tell us target has notified them by phone or mail.
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>> not it today, fedexed. it's very alarming for sure. >> reporter: we found this castro valley customer. they said no one in their family has shown symptoms, but they came to speak with the pharmacist to get nor information. >> when you hear about hepatitis, it just freaks everybody out. >> reporter: doctors say people can get sick between 2 to 7 weeks. symptoms include dark urine. yellow eyes, or skin, and stomach pain. >> i'm going to see my doctor and have them do a test or whatever they need to do. >> reporter: they are advising customers to see a doctor, and get a hepatitis a vaccination. tonight, the santa cruz county health department is also confirming a case of hepatitis a. the fourth such case in the bay area, linked to
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the frozen berries sold by costco. in 13 minutes, we talk to a woman sickened by those berries, and hear what she wishes she would have done differently. a federal appeal's court has ordered some types of the morning after pill be available now. the ruling says women of all ages should have access to the two pill version of that emergency contraceptionive. this is a blow to the obama administration, which is trying to keep some of the age restrictions in place. what happens next is unclear. but one option is for the white house to appeal. tonight, dozens of people gathered in oakland to remember a life that was cut short. a 17-year-old student who's shooting death remains unsolved. the boy's father spoke through tears this evening. >> reporter: frank, police and crimestoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for information on isaac johnson's murder. you can see the remnants of a
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vigil. the information police want could be hard to get on the street. tonight, friends and family gathered at the place where a berkely teenager was shot. >> all the murders there being in oakland, there's going to be another number. >> reporter: oakland's 41st homicide victim was more than just a statistic to those who knew him. >> love you mom. >> reporter: isaac johnson had a way of making people smile. tonight those smiles were tempered by a father's tears. >> i don't wish that on anybody. >> reporter: on may 11, isaac johnson was on his way home from dinner with his mother, when someone shot at the bus stop where he was standing. >> he was man enough to pull
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the trigger. let's see if you're man enough to do the time. >> reporter: by all accounts, isaac was in the wrong place at the wrong time. police were positioned down the street from tonight's vigil. >> all of this stuff that's happening, is happening to you guys. >> reporter: where the family made a plea for piece. >> we don't want no retaliation. we don't want nothing. we're tired of families burying kids. >> reporter: this is the program from isaac's funeral that was held today. his mother said they took isaac off life support on friday, and donated his organs so that four other people could live. reporting live in oakland, noel walker, ktvu news. ♪ [ music ] there was also a memorial event in oakland late today to remember those who died violently in the city this past year. 131 balloons were released, one
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for each of oakland's homicide victims. the event was organized by a mother who's 18-year-old son was shot and killed 13 years ago. she said the event lets families of those killed know that others are touched by the loss of life. >> we want them to know that we have not forgotten. we have not forgotten they have a loved one that was killed in the city of oakland. >> there were also 131 pairs of shoe display. out of the 131 people killed in oakland last year, 77 of them were 30 years old, or younger. disgraced supervisor, george shirkawaa. she was running against an aide in 2010. the photo showed her with the
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flag of communist vietnam. >> it is wrong to falsely defame your political adversary. >> the d.a. said the case went unsolved until his dna was matched to stamps on the flyers. he pleaded guilty to misusing public funds. he faces sentencing friday on those charges. and a runoff election will be needed to select a supervisor to replace shirakawa. chavez will face teresa alba rato. chavez came away with 41% of the vote. the runoff between these two is scheduled for july 30. new information is coming out tonight about that fbi
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investigation of democratic state senator ron calderon. fbi agents searched his office at the capitol, and took away boxes. two people questioned in the probe said the fbi asked about legislation that calderon introduced. calderon was not seen at the capitol today, but you see a note posted on his office door saying do not enter. thousands of bay area security guards are threatening to go on strike if they don't get a new contract. eric rasmussen was there this afternoon as nine union members taking part in a protest ended up getting arrested. >> reporter: sitting in the middle of busy streets in san francisco, they were arrested. seiu members marched through the city this afternoon to
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support about 7,000 security officers from the bay area to l.a. who are fighting for a new contract. >> we work in the city, we protect the building, we protect the property, we protect the lives for the people who are here. but we aren't often seen. >> reporter: he has been working as a security officer for 23 years. he stepped out of a bargaining session with several security companies to talk to us. workers say their employers want them to pay significantly more for healthcare. they voted to authorize a strike last month. >> we do not want a strike. we want to negotiate fairly in the city. even though we can't afford to live here, we still love it. >> police weren't the only ones providing security at the height of rush hour. >> what's the point of getting arrested? >> the message lets them know the fact that we're standing up for standards. nobody wants to be arrested, but sometimes you have to not
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be silent. >> representatives involved in contract negotiations did not return our calls for comment. in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. the south bay woman who gained worldwide notoriety for planting a severed finger in a bowl of wendy's chili may be heading back to prison. she was convicted of that hoax back in 2005 and served four years in prison. this week, she pleaded guilty to charges of lying to protect her 26-year-old son. he shot himself in the ankle, but as a convicted felon, he wasn't supposed to have a gun. she faces up to two years in prison for helping her son get rid of the gun. you don't have to be in the country to come into contact with a rattlesnake. we'll tell you about the surge of the rattlesnake bites in the bay area. >> in 90 seconds, this isn't
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those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. new at 10:00, a big tech convention in silicon valley. dell computers are holding a three day event. a texas sized party. the big event reminds some of the frothy days of the dot-com boom. >> reporter: it's a popular venue with various food
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vendors. the music just went off about 10 minutes ago. the lights are still on. tonight, that computer maker rented out the entire facility in downtown san jose. spending a lot of money to do so. how much money for this music filled party? about $50,000 just to rent the facility, plus plus, $100 per person. >> these kinds of events help us understand where dell is going with technology. what the road map is, what the strategy is, and how we can help represent them. >> it's not just food and drink for free? >> no, that's a nice perk. >> reporter: dell hired private security guards, and pedy cabs. >> this is one of the best things i've seen. >> reporter: only matched by the love for her bike and interest in talking tech.
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>> storage is really where our technology is now going. >> would you say the good days are back? >> yeah, and i think they're even better. there used to be back in the day, events were great, you would go to tech events in the media, and you'd get these big spreads. i think we're back to, this is a part of marketing. >> reporter: he says corporations are increasing  spending on marketing, research and development, and engineering, which were all cut in recent years. >> i'm seeing a lot of jobs get openk i'm seeing a lot of hiring, all the way up to big enterprises. >> reporter: companies including apple plans to increase hiring. maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. a.m.el fans and developers are expected to converge -- apple fans and developers are expected to converge on san
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francisco next week. preparations are underway. apple released an app for the conference that hints at a resign of its operating system to a simpler format. a new survey shows the majority of americans now own a smart phone. the pew research center puts the number at 56%. about 1/3 of americans use conventional cell phonesment fewer than 10% don't own a mobile phone at all. on wall street, stocks fell to their lowest level in a month. the dow industrials dropped 216 points to close below the 15,000 mark. nasdaq lost 43. economic reports today showed declines in newer hiring, morning applications, and factory orders. the president chose his long time friend to replace tom darling. rice was serving as u
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.n.ambassador. the president named samantha power to replace rice at the u.n. the president is scheduled to arrive in the bay area late tomorrow for a pair of democratic fundraisers. he's also expected to make a policy speech before leaving for southern california on friday. the speech is expected to focus on healthcare reform. the white house says the president will highlight california as proof that the new healthcare law is working. first on the agenda though, tomorrow, is a 5:00 p.m. fundraiser at the palo alto home of mark mccue. the president will spend the night in san jose, then before leaving friday morning he is scheduled to discuss the affordable healthcare act at the fairmont hotel. continuing coverage of the hepatitis outbreak. ktvu's robert honda talks with
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one victim today who said her get healthy kick caused her to get sick. >> reporter: 22-year-old alia howard is recovering from nta clara county victim ar the of the contaminated frozen berries, recalled by costco. >> i didn't know other people were feeling sick from the berries also. we kind of didn't know how i got the hep a. >> reporter: she was hospitalized after memorial day, following four days of high fever. >> i was nauseous throughout the day, and really dehydrated. also my eyes, you probably can still kind of tell, they're pretty yellow. >> reporter: alia's family saw people talking about the outbreak on facebook, and was stunned to see the cause. >> we let the doctors know. there's a report from the
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public health department that there's some concern regarding something that she actually did eat. >> reporter: alia says she is feeling much better, but it still will be a couple of months before she is d. >> i encourage people to get the vaccine. if i knew i could get a vaccine to prevent this illness, i would have. >> reporter: reminding the public, there are other ways besides contaminated food to get hepatitis a. the berkely city council has reports to shut down -- neighbors say people are smoking pot openly on the street, littering, and urinating outside. the 8 to 1 city council vote found that green leaf does not have the proper scening to
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operate a medical marijuana collective. the auction was held in san francisco this evening, all of the works were from bay area artists. mayor ed lee was among those on hand at the building for tonight's event. the bank will donate the proceeds to san francisco's general hospital. a lot of fog out there right now, along the coast and in the bay. temperatures inland, even concord, 56 degrees. trance porting the cool, moist air into the inland valleys. it's blowing again out in this delta region. strong winds in napa. most of the winds are coming out of the due west. that's a moist, cooler direction. fog for most of us when we wake up tomorrow morning. it burns off quickly. watch the daytime high. this computer model is suggesting forecast highs for tomorrow. those reds are going to be your 90s. we're seeing more upper 80s,
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and even a few 90s tomorrow. a warm day for thursday. when i come back after the break, we'll talk about how hot it's going to get in your neighborhood. we'll see you back here. ac transit riders can count the days until they'll be cruising in style new fleet 23 new buses will be added to the fleet, put into service on jun 16. the -- june 16. the new buses seat 52 passengers, have l.e.d. lighting, and are said to be much quieter than older models. a world famous photographer at the opening of a special bay area exhibit tonight. plus. >> should passengers be allowed to bring pocket knives back on the plane again? >> first, developing news in philadelphia, as rescuers comb through the rubble of a collapsed building. the search for survivers, still underway right now. ♪
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developing news now in philadelphia. the death toll has risen tonight to six, as crews search for victims after a four story building collapsed. the vacant building collapsed this morning, while demolition work was underway. it fell on top of an adjacent salvation army thrift store. tonight, rescuers found a 14th person alive. she was awake and alert. and provided a spark of hope for rescue crews still digging through the rubble. following intense public pressure abandoning the plan to allow airline passengers to carry small weapons on planes. the reports on the agency's decision to back track. >> it's decided a finger, or a
10:24 pm
thumb nail, or a toenail. they wouldn't let it on. >> reporter: this corkscrew and blade is a tour of the trade for mark o'sullivan, who is in the wine business. >> i put it in my carry-on today. >> reporter: the tsa backed down from its march proposal to allow people to carry small foldable knives and sports equipment. it put flight attendants on age. their 90,000 member lobbied hard, and today declared victory. >> all our hard work paid off, so it was a good thing. >> reporter: federal air marshalls also objected to the plan. >> all of us knew it couldn't go through. we're happy in the decision not to do that, and we're
10:25 pm
flabbergasted that they ever came up with the decision to implement this in the first place. >> reporter: others shared the tsa decision, that explosives pose much bigger threat. >> too much security. i think they should relax a little. >> reporter: to avoid having your property confiscated, the tsa recommends you check their website for a complete list of banned objects. a former united airlines baggage handler is facing a new charge of embezzlement in a case of involving thefts at airports. investigators say they put tracking devices on decoy items in travelers luggage, and tracked them to the car as he
10:26 pm
drove home. reyes pleaded not guilty today to all of the counts against him. new at 10:00, famous photographer, annie liebovitz is attending an exhibit of her art. the exhibit is called pilgrimage. she describes it as an exercise in renewal. focusing on the items of famous people. such as abraham lincoln's hat and gloves. and she says the san jose museum of art is on the cutting edge. >> the fantastic show for contemporary photographer. the a jam packed museum filled with a lot of stuff. >> the annie liebovitz exhibit will remain through the first week of september. a secret city discovered by police. and later, the biggest lottery winner in u.s. history steps forward. how a stranger made her wind
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fall possible. >> i walked almost every day, yeah. >> a surge in rattlesnake sightings in the bay area. we join a snake hunter tonight, to find out what to avoid. a reminder, you can get ktvu news to go, download the ktvu news app, and watch all of our newscasts right there on your mobile device. e. it's for value seekers. for spicy italian lovers. for veggie eaters. for meatball dreamers. for everyone who wants more of what they love. the new $4 lunch. a 6 inch sub and 21 ounce drink. tons to choose from. all day every day.
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[ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. a second family member has died of a horrible crash in fremont that killed a 3-year- old boy. the mother died of her injuries at the hospital. her young son was ejected from the car, still in his car seat yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the boy as father, 34-year-old gilbert gil
10:30 pm
who was driving was flying down the road, just before the car hit the tree and ripped in half. >> had a garage sale last weekend, and they were just chatting up with us, and walking with their son. >> the father is expect today survive. police have not determined yet whether he will face criminal charges. more emotional testimony today at the richmond high school gang rape trial. 20-year-old peter marcelus, and 22-year-old jose montano are on trial. today, a police officer said he found the victim under a picnic table and she was almost naked. he said he wasn't even sure if she was alive until she let out a moan. the teen had been raped repeatedly at a homecoming dance in 2009. the father started screaming and shaking a fence when he learned that it was his
10:31 pm
daughter who had been raped. new at 10:00, a surgeon rattlesnake activity around the bay area, it's creating more and more close encounters between snakes and people and pets. there is help for people who spot rattlesnakes. >> reporter: julie, you don't have to be on a park trial if you have a guarden, or grass or a root pile and you reach out here without checking first, you might end up with a nasty bite. >> these are just some of the rattlers collected over the last few days. many of these poisonous snakes were found in people's yards. >> we're getting a lot of calls. people guardenning. people walking their dogs. >> reporter: this afternoon, we followed the snake hunters after they got a call to check for rattlers living at this bridge near santa rosa. they combed the rocky creek bed
10:32 pm
to try to capture the snakes. >> i walk almost every day, yeah. and i see them this time of year, almost every day. >> reporter: the snakes can be dangerous. about 800 bites a year in california. with a little knowledge, people, pets, and snakes can coexist. >> they play a very important part of nature, they serve a role in rodent role. >> the most important thing to know is where snakes are likely to be hiding. >> look before you put your hand. >> scan the area, and make sure there's nothing sitting there. >> that goes for pets too, especially dogs. this veterinarian hospital has seen a sharp jump in snake bites. 4 to 6 a week. >> very painful. they can get pretty sick from it, and they can die from it. the vast majority were able to pull through. >> we took these pictures of the snakes. you can see they wanted nothing to do with us, and simply wanted to get away.
10:33 pm
that's their behavior in the wild. it's when you startle them that the animal will bite in self- defense. that's when you could find yourself heading to the em ncleaders want the state attorney general to investigate why lead attorneys working on the cpuc investigation of that deadly pipeline explosion are no longer on the case. san bruno leaders say the change could jeopardize the decision on what kind of fine pg and e should pay. they also claim the california public utilities commission is not capable of monitoring the safety of the infrastructure and they say there's a revolving door of employees moving between the cpuc and pg and e. the lawyers asked to be re assigned. staff recommended that pg and e pay a $2 billion fine for safety lapses before that
10:34 pm
pipeline explosion that killed 8, injured many more, and destroyed 38 homes. a final decision is expected sometime next fall. at, we have posted the letter from the city of san bruno. you'll find it near the top of the home page. firefighters in southern california say they finally have the upper hand in a 50 square mile powerhouse fire. a spokesperson says there has been moke, but no open flames seen -- smoke, but no open flames seen today. it started last week in the angeles national forest near palmdale, and destroyed 24 homes. in news of the world tonight, in turkey, protesters burned barricades in a park as part of their ongoing protest against the government. turkish people are turning against the government, many accuse the prime minister of acting like a dictator.
10:35 pm
in syria, government forces and hezbollah fighters from lebanon captured a strategic city after seven weeks of falling. it is considered a major defeat for the rebels trying to overthrow president assad. the rebels managed to hold off assad forces until the hezbollah forces joined in the battle. in russia, police arrested more than 200 undocumented migrants. most of them came from asia. they had a cafe, movie theater, even a chicken coop. this is the second time moscow police have undercovered a secret underground city in the past two years. it appears the san jose shark tank is getting a new name and a deal. german software giant sap has finalized the namey rights deal. the founder is also the majority owner of the san jose
10:36 pm
sharks hockey team. the name is already attached to annual tennis tournament in the south bay. if the deal goes through as planned, the pavilion will known as the sap center at san jose. authorities say a raid in san francisco uncovered a criminal operation. how they first found out about it in a story that is only on channel 2. chief meteorologist, bill martin is tracking a big warm up, coming to the bay area. >> up first, a restaurant worker's unsettling discovery. a man's body found in a shopping cart. star command, i'm detecting high levels of happiness.
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unanswered questions tonight surround the death of a man who was found in a shopping cart in san jose. it was in a cart near st. james park. he field us the body a-- told us the body appeared wrapped up. >> it was almost like a blanket. >> san jose police say it was not clear how the man died. he may have been a transient. homeless people often stay in st. james park. police say it is possible the
10:40 pm
man died of natural causes, and someone tried to cover up the body. investigators have not ruled out homicide. san jose police are also investigating the death of a man knocked unconscious. he died today, and now the case is being investigated as a homicide. detectives say the man was critically injured during a fight on north 12th street. the man was identified as francisco lugo sr. new details tonight from vallejo police about a man shot and killed by an officer on a boat at the city's marina. investigators identify the man as timothy john walker. they say walker pulled a gun when an officer approached him about 8:00 last night after responding to a report of an argument. police say the officer opened fire in self-defense. police released this photo of
10:41 pm
the weapon they say walker was holding. they say it's a flair gun that's been modified for use as a hand held shotgun. cloned credit cards and fake identification are just a few of the hours police say they found when they raided an apartment overnight. david stevenson spoke with a man credited with helping break the case. >> reporter: ktvu had the only camera on scene, as san francisco police last night raided a twin peaks apartment. confiscating items that may have been part of a credit card fraud operation. >> i do do ankle monitors, normal thing. he had breached his contract. it was a reason for me to head out, to go check on the monitor. >> reporter: joe roacha is the head of futuretive recovery. a private company. he and police investigators later summoned to the scene, found signs of a credit card cloning operation, including blank cards, false ids, and a
10:42 pm
printer. this ledger we're told contains credit card numbers and names. >> he said it was going to eventually catch up to him. i asked him, what's going to catch up to you? he said fraud. >> reporter: sources today told us there is concern that the scope of the potential operation may extend beyond the bay area. roacha says the man he helped capture indicated at least five people were involved. including a worker at a dmv and another at a bay area hotel. >> did he say he had a source in the hotel providing those numbers? >> that's correct. he said he had several sources. >> reporter: the man arrested was out on $350,000 bail. the company that provided that bail tells us they're looking into whether payment on that was made through a cloned credit card. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. a sea lion pup stops traffic on a freeway ramp. what the markings revealed about its past.
10:43 pm
>> an 84-year-old woman comes forward to claim that powerball jackpot worth hundreds of millions of dollars. the act of courtesy that she says led her to the winning ticket. plus. >> your complete bay area forecast. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww.
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the 15-year-old daughter of the late michael jackson was rushed to the hospital this morning after an apparent suicide attempt. paris jackson had reportedly called the suicide hotline, and it was a counselor there who called 911. cnn said the teenagers cutting one of her wrists. the jackson family did not comment, but an attorney for the family said paris is physically fine, and is getting appropriate medical attention. a california parole board today refused to release from
10:46 pm
prison, wesley van howton. this has been the 21st time refused parole. she was convicted of taking part in the notorious southern california murders when she was only 19 years old. relatives of the victims were at the parole hearing today. van howton spent the last 40 years at the women's prison in los angeles. she will be eligible for parole once again in five years. today we found out who won that record powerball jackpot worth hundreds of millions of dollars. an 84-year-old florida woman came forward to claim that prize. >> a florida woman becomes the biggest single lottery winner in u.s. history. 84-year-old gloria mackenzie claiming the $590 million powerball prize, and taking a
10:47 pm
single lump sum payment. >> mrs. mackenzie has elected to receive the winning in a lump sum payment of $370,896,780,000,000 before taxes. >> she bought the winning ticket at a supermarket. she's thanking a person who let her get ahead of him in line. while in line in public, another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead of him in line to purchase the winning quick pick ticket. she let the computer generate the numbers at random. she also bought four other tickets before the drawing on may 18. she waited for more than two weeks before claiming the prize. choosing not to speak at the news conference. >> this is a very large amount of money. it changes your life, and i believe to make sure that they were ready to handle the responsibilities that come with that type of a jackpot. >> then of course, there are taxes to pay.
10:48 pm
lottery officials in florida say ma -- the city of hayward has given the green light to expansion plans at its only legal card room. they voted 6-1 to permit the palace poker casino to add two more card tables and build an addition on the north side of the building. in exchange, the card room has agreed to pay increased fees to the city, amounting to about $200,000 a year. a nice day today. temperatures warmed up a bit. we had fog this morning. we'll have fog again tomorrow morning. temperatures warmer than today. these were the numbers that we got today. the warmest spot, antioch, 87. just 78 in livermore today. temperatures tomorrow are coming up a good 5 degrees in
10:49 pm
many locations. lots of 80s, maybe a couple of low 90s. fog right now, you see it up in the north bay. santa rosa, and san rafael, fog in the avenues, fog in oakland right now. fog south towards fremont. you see it coming through. tomorrow morning, fog and low clouds like you had this morning. burns off more rapidly tomorrow. more sunshine, higher daytime highs. look for temperatures tomorrow to be 5 or 10 degrees warmer. morning fog, warming begins tomorrow. as we get into friday and saturday those are the highest temperatures we're going to see for the week. in berkely, 70s, low 70s. you get out in the maroga area, low 70s. temperatures on the warm side, especially in the inland bay valleys. 5 to 10 degrees warmer tomorrow. it strengthens more aggressively on friday and saturday, and kicks the winds around a little bit offshore.
10:50 pm
temperatures on friday and saturday into the mid-90s. maybe a couple of upper 90s. there's no advisories or warnings yet. but just know every time we've degrees this year, we've had brush fires show up. in the inland bay valleys, today was not that warm, but thursday, friday, and saturday temperatures really start to come up. inland valleys will be the warmest, and have the highest fire danger as we go into the 48 hour period. 88degrees in pittsburg. santa clara, temperatures in the low 80s. 62 in daley city. your five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. look at the jump on friday and saturday. some of the models are jumping on these numbers. we'll see mid-90s, maybe warmer than that. those two days, your warmest days. a nice looking weekend. lots of kids getting out of school this week.
10:51 pm
the weather cooperating. it will be a really nice bay area weekend. barbeque weather, then sunday, it's significantly cooler. low fog comes in, and breeze kicks in. >> big time barbeque weather. be came. >> sounds nice. thank you bill. a sea lion was rescued today in southern california. it's not the first time. the pup was found on a freeway onramp in san diego. the markings indicated she had been rescued before in march. she was taken to seaworld, where workers will try to nurse her back to health. it hopes to release the pup into the ocean. a viral photo of a taco bell employee licking a stack of taco shells has cost the employee his job. it was entered in a contest of the company showing workers taking their first bite the
10:52 pm
cool ranch taco shells. the taco shells were thrown out and not served to the public. that's icky. how about those oakland a's? they keep rolling on. >> 16 of 19. the third best record in the american league right now. but bartolo colon was suspended 50 games last year. now the a's pitcher, at 40, is linked with baseball's newest performance enhancing drugs investigation. he doesn't act too concerned about suspensions or anything else at this moment. today in milwaukee, the brewers led in the 3rd, cespedes keeps it close. 1-1 in the 7th inning. donaldson delivers a base hit. he is now batting .332. brewers bring in mike gonzalez. moss likes that idea.
10:53 pm
the oakland a's win it 6-1. the giants aren't exactly headed for their 9 game road trip with a full head of steam. right now, they should just be happy they're not in the american league. look at that great glove work by the shortstop, izturis to get the panda at second base. barry zitobad inning, the 5th. dickey slaps a shot down the line. r.a. dickey doubles. the 42-year-old backup catcher henry blanko chugs home. the giants won the last 14 home games barry started, but that's now over. mark derosa caps it off with the single. that's too much. toronto winning, 4-0. the giants 2-6 against american league teams. the giants are off tomorrow, and will visit first place arizona on friday. coming up, the 49ers top draft
10:54 pm
pick talks about his jump to the nhl. and the bruins and penguins. somebody's got to win, don't they? for everyone who wants more of what they love. the new $4 lunch. a 6 inch sub and 21 ounce drink. tons to choose from. all day every day.
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the 49ers addressed their needs on defense this off-
10:57 pm
season. they drafted eric reed out of lsu in the 1st round. the 49ers just finished their ota's today. the 49ers lost safety golston to free agency. but harbaugh recruited eric reed in college. he didn't get him there. he's got him now. >> everybody is fast. the d linemen are fast. if you don't know what you're doing, you're going to mess the guy up next to you. got to be on your toes the whole time. game 3 of the nhl eastern conference title, the bruins in the dark sweaters. the 94th and final shot of the game. how about this, the bruins take a 3-0 lead in that final. >> thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
10:58 pm
news breaks. >> ktvu morning news begins at 4:30, they'll be monitoring that rescue operation underway in philadelphia, as crews search for survivers of a building collapse there. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. good night. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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